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The Lactation Training Lab Membership will keep you learning, thinking, and finding inspiration for providing lactation support and advocacy. It's for passionate lactation advocates - including people who are already working in the lactation and birth fields, those who want to, and those who already have a career yet still want to work alongside the lactation field to make an impact on the culture of infant feeding. The doors are open right now!

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Hi! I'm Christine, and I am passionate about meeting the needs of lactation care providers so that they can feel confident and prepared to fulfill their own missions around safe, respectful, and evidence-informed care of pregnant, birthing, and lactating people. 

There are so many people in this world who share the mission of creating a better lactation experience for others. Whether motivated by their own positive or negative experiences, passionate lactation advocates are driven to seek ways to help others.  

In The Lactation Training Lab Membership, you'll have the opportunity to engage and connect with a larger community of like-minded persons about advocacy for a supported lactation experience for new parents. If you are already working or volunteering in the lactation or birth fields, this can really help you manage frustration and avoid burnout or compassion fatigue. 

As a Member, you'll have exclusive access to each month's carefully curated collection of resources and opportunities to engage around a broad category of knowledge, plus original workbooks, checklists, guides and more that I created specifically to help you on your lifelong lactation learning journey.

It is simple to join, and there's no commitment beyond your first month of Membership. All of your participation is designed to occur at your convenience. I invite you to try it out, engage with the content, and make an investment in yourself!

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Exclusive, Members-Only Content

You get exclusive access to a carefully curated collection of resources and opportunities for conversations with colleagues that will help you make monthly progress in your professional development. You'll also get a customized workbook to track that progress!

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The First 100 Hours and So Much More

Members have immediate access to all of the resources already inside the Lab, including guides, templates, articles, insights and analyses of current topics in the lactation field, plus full access to The First 100 Hours Masterclass - plus new content is added monthly!

Get to Know Us!

I have spent years providing clinical lactation care to families, teaching aspiring IBCLCs, and training other health care providers to offer evidence-based lactation support. 

One of the most important things I have learned is that the bulk of lactation knowledge is actually gained OUTSIDE the classroom and after you read the textbooks.

The question of how to help people organize that non-traditional, informal learning into a cohesive system has swirled around my brain for years - and now I have created The Lactation Training Lab Membership. 

Committing to an intentional path for your academic-adjacent learning gives you measurable and noticeable results in becoming a better lactation care provider. 

The Membership will help you feel more organized, engaged, and fulfilled on your lactation learning journey. 

How does it work? As a Member, you will have exclusive access to a specially curated collection of resources and opportunities for conversations with colleagues that will guide your learning around a broad category of knowledge each month. Here are some examples of those categories:



systems change


reading and studying


global context of lactation

mindset and organization

educating others



critical thinking

and more!

Do you know what this group is missing right now? YOU! With you in the Membership, engaging and participating in our conversations, sharing what you know and what is meaningful to you, this group will be even better! 

Yes I Need This!
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