Episode 1 - Mindset, Knowledge, and Connections for Lactation Care Providers

mindset podcast Aug 05, 2020
Graphic for Episode 1 of The Lactation Training Lab Podcast



Introducing The Lactation Training Lab Podcast, created to inspire, inform, and engage current and aspiring lactation care providers. In this very first episode, we explore why it is important to be intentional about our journey in lactation work. 

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We discuss how there are two main ways we approach the question of how to become a better lactation care provider: there's the everyday, process- and task-oriented perspective, and there's the visionary perspective. In the process-oriented, we do our daily work, we perfect our systems and processes, and we fulfill our roles. In the visionary, we look back at our origin story, we check in with our mission, and we reflect on how and if we are making progress toward our bigger goals. 

This podcast will be a resource for both the process-oriented and the visionary perspective in particular, and we'll always be looking for ways to get better. 

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