Episode 16 - Beyond Lactation Clients: Who We Teach

advocacy first100hours lactation mindset podcast Jun 18, 2021
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Lactation support can be rewarding, fulfilling, and sometimes frustrating - but not always for the reasons other people imagine. In the latest episode of The Lactation Training Lab Podcast, I reflect on the case that led me to create a strategy for talking to people - ALL people, not just pregnant folks and new parents - about breastfeeding and lactation. How we share information matters. This episode is a reminder that lactation care providers are primarily educators, guiding clients AND the health care team through the lactation journey with knowledge and practical guidance. Join me! If you like what you hear and you want to get involved in this conversation, join us over in the free Lactation Training Lab Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/LacTrainingLab/. Thanks for listening!

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