Episode 17 - Office Hours with The Lactation Training Lab

advocacy lactation mindset podcast Jun 30, 2021
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On this special episode of The Lactation Training Lab Podcast I'm changing it up and taking you inside the office to see what I've been working on!

First we'll talk about a new project I am developing to help you with your social media for breastfeeding advocacy.

Next we'll talk CERPs for the courses I offer, The First 100 Hours Masterclass AND Early Birds.

Finally, I've been preparing a new presentation for an upcoming event (which has not yet been announced by the organizer) and I take you inside my research and preparation process! I cover the step-by-step process I use to gather information and begin to draft my narrative before I ever get to making the slides. I think you'll appreciate hearing what goes into this process! 

I hope you enjoy this special episode! I had so much fun opening up the office doors!

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