Episode 4 - What It Takes to Become A Better Lactation Care Provider

lactation membership mindset Nov 09, 2020
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Taking more classes and courses is only one part of becoming better

Take more lactation classes and courses? Well, hold on -

That’s how you get new information  - but how and when do you use it?

How do you teach about it? Fit it into your curricula for training others?

How does it fit with what you know or think already?

What is the context of this information that the speaker did not have time to cover - historical, economic, ethics, health equity lens, trauma-informed application, multidisciplinary, etc?

This is not static information - like knowing the hormones of lactation - these are professional development skills & tools for lactation - they evolve and so do we!

Now there is SO MUCH MORE to consider.

Continuing education is amazing and necessary, but it’s not the whole story.

What we really need is an organized system for considering the information and knowledge we have through all the different lenses we must use. The Lactation Training Lab Membership is a way to commit to becoming a better lactation care provider through an intentional and strategic process of monthly learning. 

Whether you are a seasoned IBCLC or an aspiring lactation care provider at the beginning of your journey, having a plan for continuous improvement is key to ensuring your confidence and competence at what you do. 

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