Episode 7 - 5 Great Questions: A Lactation Care Provider's Guide

advocacy lactation membership mindset podcast training Dec 26, 2020
Graphic Image for Episode 7 of The Lactation Training Lab Podcast 5 Great Questions A Lactation Care Provider's Guide

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5 Great Questions is one of my favorite resources that I created in 2020, and this episode breaks down each one so you can get the most out of this free guide! I take some of the most common questions that parents are usually asked about their lactation situation and break them down to find a better question that will actually yield better information. Whether you're offering virtual or in-person care and are a novice or a seasoned lactation care provider, this guide will bring you some clarity around what you need to know to get to the heart of what parents need. The free guide is available at christinestaricka.com/free

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