Early Birds Only - Lactation Care for Late Preterm Infants

This 4-hour spotlight course trains you to confidently provide lactation care optimized to support the late preterm infant and their family right from birth!

We'll cover the Teaching, Timelines, and Techniques you need to help parents grasp the differences between a baby born a few weeks early and one born at term. 

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In this online course you will learn

  • Understanding characteristics of this population of newborns 
  • Normal newborn behavior for late preterm infants
  • Establishing chest/breastfeeding
  • Feeding plans appropriate for late preterm infants
  • Basics of management of milk production for infants not feeding at chest/ breast
  • Characteristics of late preterm infant’s oral anatomy and ability to coordinate suck/swallow/breathe
  • Expectations for maturation of feeding abilities 
  • Supporting lactating parent during hospitalization of sick or late preterm infant
  • Increased importance of  human milk feeds for infants not feeding at chest/breast 
  • Increased neurological development requirements of late preterm infants 
  • Impact of parenting style “options” on late preterm infants 
  • Clinical techniques designed to support optimized feeding at chest/breast 


Conversational Style

Videos and audio delivered in a conversational, easy-to-follow style

Simple, 3-Part Framework

An easy to remember framework for staying on track


Wording & phrasing you can use immediately when explaining and teaching with parents

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Key benefits from this course


This course provides you with the knowledge and skills you need when caring for a late preterm dyad. Whether inpatient or outpatient, these dyads need targeted information and guidance specific to their needs - standard lactation care is not enough when babies are born in the Late Preterm period. 

Through this unique framework, you'll gain a clear understanding of how to support these dyads right from the start, helping them to establish growth and milk production without unnecessary and unhealthy delays. 

Handouts and reference sheets complement your learning, adding another dimension to your ability to care for this population of babies and their parents.

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This robust, 4-hour course will truly inspire confidence in your ability to provide lactation support and care for a late preterm infant and their family!

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