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Early Lactation - Milk is a webinar designed to help you focus on what's important about optimizing milk production in the first 100 hours of baby's life. Watch it today!

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I'm so honored to have you here, where you can find free resources to help you fulfill your mission of supporting birthing and lactating people.  I believe in providing simple, evidence-informed guidance so that you can shut out the noise and get on with the important work you do.  Click on any of the links below to access the free resources I've created, and please let me know if they are helpful for you!

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Popular Freebie - Early Birds Module

Supporting Families with Late Preterm Infants takes a special set of lactation care skills - get a head start with this totally FREE guide! 

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Growing Your Organized Practice

We need to keep our practice tools organized so that they are available when we need them to serve our clients. Keeping your resources, links, and templates organized can be simple. I recommend using WorkFlowy to keep your list of links sorted and accessible everywhere, and for all PDF-type documents (like those you'll download here), I use Box.  (I have no financial or affiliate connections with these apps; I use them and think they work very well so I recommend them for you.)

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5 Great Questions

Get the most information in an efficient way with these 5 Great Questions to Ask Lactation Clients

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Sore Nipples

This parent-facing handout is the simplest guide to healing sore nipples & encouragement to find the root cause.


Free Workbook: Finding Your Inner Lactation Advocate

This free resource was made to help you dive into what drives your passion for lactation work, what makes you unique, and how you can begin to raise your own voice in the lactation world!

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Thinking of Starting Your Own Podcast?

Here are some of the resources I used to learn and prepare!

As you are learning about the art and skill of podcasting, start making notes about the topics and content you would like to include on YOUR podcast! Keep a running list of things you might explore in a podcast episode. I keep one in the Notes app on my phone. 

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