Free Training

Early Lactation - Milk

In this Training, you'll learn:


The Story of Making Milk

A simple and clear explanation of the timeline and how milk production can be supported during the first days of baby's life


From Hormones to Routines

Tying together the hormonal changes with the effects of behaviors and actions in the first 100 hours of life, the picture of how to encourage normal milk production emerges


How to Explain It All to Families & Your Health Care Colleagues

The simplest ways to talk about the critical nature of the First 100 Hours to long-term milk production - this training supports YOU to confidently advocate for optimizing lactation during the early days!

Starting with the Science, Beginning at Birth

What would it take to surround new mothers and parents with the knowledge they need to make as much milk as their babies need?

The truth is that we know exactly what it takes to optimize lactation, and this training provides a strong review of the foundations of early lactation. On top of information, we need to have the confidence that we can encourage optimal routines for lactation, whether we're working directly with dyads, teaching our health care colleagues, or speaking with the public.

Join me for this Free Training today to build and strengthen your ability to support optimal milk production - you will be inspired!

It can be so hard to break through the noise when families are receiving conflicting messages about how to get lactation off to a good start

  • If you sometimes struggle to easily explain why you are saying things like "breastfeed frequently because it stimulates milk production" or "keep baby skin to skin," this Free Training is for you
  • If you feel like you are repeating encouraging words about initiating lactation, but you don't always remember exactly how it all works together in the early days, this Free Training is for you
  • If you're just beginning your path into a lactation support career, this Free Training is for you

A Note From Christine...

I have been in your shoes.

When I was providing bedside lactation care in a local hospital, I sometimes felt like I was spinning my wheels and that the hospital staff around me was not really understanding or supporting the "why" behind the lactation information and care I was providing to patients. 

I built a program to offer a clear and concise way to remember and explain how critical the first days of lactation are. I named it "The First 100 Hours," and this Free Training breaks down one of its most important components - the knowledge surrounding early lactation practices. 

I'd love to share that knowledge with you! Join me for this 1-hour, Free Training today. 

And if you are just starting out - getting ready to enter the field of lactation support - this Free Training is DEFINITELY for you! Start with the science and get a really clear picture on how exactly lactation begins and can be facilitated in the very first days of a baby's life.