5 Ways We Sabotage Milk Supply From Day One

If you work with or care for mothers and parents and their newborns, you need to hear this! It is far too easy to sabotage breastfeeding right from the start, and in this episode we cover 5 major ways it happens every single day. 

From the words we use to the instructions and advice we give, everything that happens in and around the First 100 Hours of a baby's life impacts breastfeeding. We've got to get this right or mothers, parents, and their babies pay the price. 

Making a bigger impact on the environment in which families are supported to feed their babies begins with accurate information about how breastfeeding and milk production work. When we all start from the same page, we can help parents make progress faster. 

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Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer, so getting it right - right from Day One - really matters! 

- Christine