Balancing Act: Process & Products in Lactation

Insights into how we approach products marketed to assist in lactation and breastfeeding, ethics of discussing products, and a framework for helping parents make decisions about lactation products.

  • Parents are being targeted with marketing of products purported to assist with or support breastfeeding and human milk feeding
  • There is a growing need for lactation care providers to consider ethics in relation to lactation-related products and the promotion of chest/breastfeeding and human milk feeding

In this episode of The Lactation Training Lab Podcast, we explore

What is the relationship between ethics & devices? 

  • Provider bias and knowledge of devices
  • Inequities in clients’ access to devices
  • Difference between public teaching and direct care/counseling of an individual

This episode makes reference to Protocol #32 from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, which you can access here. 

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