The Lactation Training Lab Podcast

The Lactation Training Lab Podcast

Hosted by: Christine Staricka, IBCLC

The Lactation Training Lab Podcast was created to inspire, inform, and engage current & aspiring lactation care providers. So glad you’re here! I’m Christine, an IBCLC and trained childbirth educator based in...

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Episode 8: Talking About Tongue Tie

Episode #8

How can we build up families who are dealing with tongue tie? I've got some ideas on what the entire healthcare team really needs to know. As you've likely heard before, there are no lazy babies, and tongue tie is not...
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Episode 7: 5 Great Questions: A Lactation Care Provider's Guide

Episode #7

5 Great Questions is one of my favorite resources that I created in 2020, and this episode breaks down each one so you can get the most out of this free guide! I take some of the most common questions that parents are...
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Episode 6: Setting Intentions for The Lactation Training Lab

Episode #6

In this episode I explain my approach to creating the Lactation Training Lab, including the core values of how I create resources for you. We discuss the global context of lactation care, how learning as an experience...
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Episode 5: Raising the Bar for Lactation Care of Late Preterm Infants

Episode #5

By popular request, The Lactation Training Lab is taking a deep dive into lactation care for late preterm infants and launching a new course: Early Birds. In this episode, we'll discuss why this population is special...
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Episode 4: What It Takes To Become A Better Lactation Care Provider

Episode #4

Taking more classes and courses is only one part of becoming better Take more lactation classes and courses? Well, hold on - That’s how you get new information  - but how and when do you use it? How do you teach about...
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Episode 3: Get More Value Out of Virtual Trainings!

Episode #3

In this episode of The Lactation Training Lab Podcast, we are discussing strategies to engage better and learn more from virtual trainings. It's easy to sign up for a virtual training or course - what's harder is to...
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Episode 2: Being the Voice for Breastfeeding

Episode #2

On this episode we are thinking about how as lactation support providers, we are a member of the healthcare team, and that means that we need to be advocates for lactation. It’s the whole reason we are there. We’re...
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Episode 1: On Becoming A Better Lactation Care Provider

Episode #1

Here we explore how lactation care providers can examine our current mindset and gauge if we are making progress toward our own mission and vision for our work. There are times when we can focus best on our day-to-day...
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